Simple Solutions: Data Security

Sage Journal   •   July 29, 2020

As we mentioned in our last journal, there is more to consider than simply blocking your webcam from hackers or use when you’re not intending it. This is where one of our Work From Home Kits comes in handy. Whether you’re headed back to school and need to protect your children while they’re distance learning or working from home yourself we’ve got you covered!

Using a Data Blocker stops unauthorized data transfers while devices are charging, it’s a small but powerful adapter that you use between your device and a charging station. Think of it as a coupler that allows for power to pass through while preventing any exchange of data.

Blocking the 3.5mm input on your device with a Mic Blocker blocks the microphone from activating or being activated without your direction, thus preventing hackers from listening-in to private conversations without your knowledge.

Each of these items are compatible with Apple and Android. We offer combined packages or individual items to meet your needs while still keeping your brand front and center with full color imprinting and packaging.

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