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Sage Journal   •   July 28, 2020

We are all spending more time connecting online in shared chat and meeting rooms, like Zoom, Google Meet and Classroom, Microsoft Teams, UberConference, Messenger Rooms, FaceTime, etc. With this comes some, perhaps new and unaddressed, security concerns. Whether you are conducting virtual business meetings, have a tele-medicine appointment, hosting a virtual happy-hour with friends, or are a student or teacher in an online classroom, the need to secure devices when they are not in use, is worthy of consideration. One way to ensure that both security and your brand are kept top-of-mind is with Branded Camera Covers.

Camera covers come in all sorts of customizable sizes, shapes, and colors for all the different devices that people use – computers, tablets, phones, smart TVs. Addressing the need for security by providing your employees or consumers with a camera cover gives you an opportunity to let them know you care and are with them during this time by putting your brand front and center.

Branding can be as simple as just the camera cover or expanding it to the packaging like Brave, a Search Engine, did, providing yet another way to introduce or remind their clients of who they are, why they are the best at what they do, etc. There’s not only an opportunity to brand the packaging, but even create your own display for a front counter, or retail display.

Protecting your camera from hackers isn’t the only digital security concern. We offer other security devices and combos that can include Data Blocks (for providing security while charging, especially in public spaces) and/or Mic Blocks (for providing security when talking on your phone).

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