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Sage Journal   •   March 7, 2019

An important part of the Portland area’s mental health community, Mind Matters serves primarily children and teens, but are also active with adults in need. As they have grown and expanded to multiple locations we have been there as a strategic partner; from their first small office to their new larger space in Tanasbourne and then adding a second office location in West Linn. We have helped move existing signage and augment with new office and directional signage for Conference Rooms, Waiting Rooms, Exit Signs and even ADA Bathroom Signs.  

Utilizing a system Able Sage created years ago, we custom made interchangeable digitally UV printed practitioner name plates and signage on a versatile Aluminum Composite Material (ACM), that has a luxurious brushed metal finish, as well as name plate blanks that we could apply custom plotter cut vinyl graphics to as they have continued to grow. These name plates magnetically adhere to the wall next to room numbers for instances where rooms are shared between practitioners and utilized for maximum efficiency and flexibility in Mind Matters’ offices. As part of our efforts to always be creative in our solutions, we’ve provided them with directional signs, made out of the same ACM material that has been printed on both sides, and custom fabricated brackets to make it easier for patients to navigate their offices. 

Privacy is always of the utmost concern to Mind Matters and within the medical community at large. To that end, we created a Dusted Crystal Vinyl window covering when adhered to the window, gives a ‘frosted’ effect and provides privacy to their clientele as well as a separate digitally printed logo, lamianted, plotter cut, weeded, taped, and installed on the exterior window, giving it depth and creating an identifying signage to those seeking to find them. 

Nurturing client relationships is fundamental to the work we do here at Able Sage. Having the opportunity to build long standing relationships with our clients allows us to anticipate needs and understand each customers’ unique ethos, mission, and meet them where their growth potential lies. 

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