14 Things You Didn’t Know About Able Sage

Sage Journal   •   March 11, 2019

There are some little known facts about Able Sage that might surprise you!

  1. We are a Veteran Owned Business. Dallas served in the US Army and Army Reserves from 1985-1993, with being deployed for Desert Shield/Storm in 1990/91.
  2. We have been operating since 2011 and have over 20 years of industry experience.
  3. We have shipped to clients in every state and parts of Canada. 
  4. We have graphically wrapped everything from Ambulances to Ice Cream Carts. 
  5. We help create dome skins for geodesic dome companies that get used all over the United States and beyond.
  6. We helped produce a fabric 90 foot geodesic dome earth graphic cover for the Prime Minister of Russia and we have installed graphics on a Russian Mig Jet.
  7. We are a City of Portland approved vendor for street-pole banners production and installation.
  8. We have worked with Special Olympics to Winter Olympics.
  9. We do all kinds of interior and exterior work – from signage to custom fabricated installations.
  10. We have branded everything from a Semi-Truck to USB Drives – we can work at any scale.
  11. We work with everyone – startups and family businesses, all the way to Fortune 500s like Mozilla.
  12. We are a strategic partner with Starve Ups, which is a business startup incubator and accelerator, helping them to help startups thrive.
  13. We work with a spate of local companies in all industries; from food production, brewing, and distilling to medical to local and global non-profits.
  14. Some of our best projects come from friends, family, and neighbors. We love referrals that allow us to help our community.

Given all the things we have done over the years, we are confident that we have a creative take on your most challenging or curious conundrum. 

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