Before & After: the Transformation at PIR’s Fast Track Cafe

Sage Journal   •   February 12, 2019

Able Sage has worked with the team at Portland International Raceway (PIR) for years, producing the majority of their signage and banners, and tackling special projects. It’s always a pleasure to be able to partner with them, often being referred to their strategic partners for projects, and it’s especially fun when the before and after pictures turn out like this!

After being sponsored by PepsiCo, PIR’s Fast Track Cafe needed a major facelift. Able Sage was recommended to PepsiCo; we collaborated with their designers, marketing personnel, and area reps to produce these bold, vibrant signs. In an effort to minimize exposure to the forecasted 96 degree heat, the team started work in the early morning hours (with lots of coffee!).

We first had to remove the old, faded sign from the top of the building, while navigating an active wasp nest (no one was stung, thankfully!).

We also had to remove and dispose of the old branded Bud Light signage on the front, working our way through some structural challenges as well.

Finally, we were able to install the new signage which was printed to an aluminum composite material topped with a UV laminate to help reduce fading. After some painting of the existing structure to complete the new look, we stepped back and were so happy with the finished product. It’s cleaner, easy to read, and represents the sponsor of the cafe nicely, AND we have a very pleased long time customer who has since brought us in on other consulting and potential projects.

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“Dallas and the team at Able Sage went above and beyond for us. Professional and personable is how I would describe our positive experience using Able Sage. They were able to complete our design, print, and installation project ahead of schedule despite our tight timeline. We plan to utilize their services on future projects and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a high quality, quick communicating, customer service driven outfit.”

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