Case Study: Moovel/Reach Now Internal Signage

Sage Journal   •   July 16, 2019

We have had a long standing relationship with Reach Now, formerly Moovel, and in that time have been able to work creatively with them to meet their needs and goals as a company.

Recently, they approached us with an interesting challenge that allowed us to showcase their general concept in an impactful and elegant way. They wanted to utilize a blank, though vibrantly painted, wall in their common area to display quarterly objectives and track various stages and completion targets. Their concept for this included flippable signage to indicate when a portion of the overall objective was completed, thus giving a big visual progress marker for everyone to see.

We explored a variety of options, including stickers and Velcro for the individually moving components, but settled on using some type of hooks. This presented its own challenges and options, we had to find hooks that were both small enough and sturdy enough to be unobtrusive, simple, elegant, and strong enough to hold the material that we recommended the client use for the individual signs.  For this particular project we advised using a digitally printed substrate called Sintra, which is a lightweight, rigid, expanded PVC. It holds up nicely over time and with handling, is light enough to be easily flipped and adjusted. The combination of these first two pieces – the Sintra signs and standard cup hooks – were the perfect base for the rest of the project.

Next up was creating a simple and cost-effective way to indicate where they were at on the individual tasks underneath each objective. After looking at a variety of ways to do it, we discovered some edge channeling (typically used for plastic wall paneling) that had the perfect fit to the top of the Sintra pieces. For the most cost-effective option we chose three colors of spray paint, cut the 8 foot edge channels into pieces 7” long, and then painted them. This would allow the client to change out the different colors for different levels of progress on each goal.

To complete the look and full visual impact of the Objectives Wall, we created three dimensional lettering out of laser cut quarter-inch acrylic which was adhered to the wall with 100% silicone following a carefully placed stencil made of temporary low-tac vinyl. Placing the hooks for the hanging signs presented the biggest challenge. Being sure to measure both vertically and horizontally and mark where to screw them in, so that when everything was hung all the pieces lined up in a perfect grid, took our exacting attention to detail and an abundance of patience.

In the end, the wonderful people who are Reach Now were pleased with the finished product and we were excited to give them a tracking system for all their future achievement goals.

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