Case Study: Pop Up Banners

Sage Journal   •   June 18, 2019

The variety of portable banners available on the market today is vast and with such a wide spectrum of clients with different needs, Able Sage has produced MANY different kinds, all high quality and on budget. Here’s a few examples of some of the types we’ve worked on:

Retractable Bannerstands – This style of banner has a range of sizes from super skinny 24″ wide, to over 48″ wide to 96″ tall. They can be single or double sided with hardware made of various metal and plastic materials, usually black or silver. The most standard size is about 34″ x 84″ with the most popular being the Premium Bannerstand. Setting up a retractable banner like this involves a 2-3 section bunge style pole (similar to those used in tents). Sometimes they are telescoping and then twist or snap to lock into place. Two examples of the Retractable Bannerstands we’ve done include these for Eastside Distilling and Hood To Coast.

Outdoor Bannerstands – These stands are specifically built to used outside. The bases can be weighted to hold up during a mild to medium windy day and include vinyl graphics with grommets so the whole set up is more sturdy. Two examples of the Outdoor Bannerstands we’ve done include these for Sprout and Sunshine School.

Combination for Backdrops – If you need to have a larger banner setup, maybe for a trade show, you can do what we did for CDS Global. With a combination of retractable bannerstands and a dye sublimated fabric pop up backdrop, we achieved a continuous wide backdrop that will serve them well in a variety of settings, as each piece can be used individually as well.

Environmentally Friendly – Looking for a greener option? How about these eco-friendly bannerstands?! They’re made in Portland, Oregon with biodegradable materials including recycled paper tubes, soy glue, plywood, and a cotton banner material. They offer customizable base graphics that can be easily changed out with Velcro and offer a really unique eco-aesthetic. Our friends at Legacy Health and Energy Trust of Oregon ordered many of them!

Extra Large Options – Great for really large trade show booths or industry events, extra large bannerstands can be used to create a multiple paneled wall of graphics with easy to change out sections. Plus, they are easy to set up consisting of pole pockets at the top and bottom with telescoping side poles and dyesublimated fabric graphics to provide a rich and vibrant look. Here are three examples from Kona Brewing, Johnson RV, and Oregon Live.

Do you need help figuring out which style of bannerstand would suit your needs? Connect with Able Sage and we’ll be glad to help!

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