Partnership Highlight: Hazel People and Cocacao

Sage Journal   •   June 25, 2019

One of the perks of working as a partner company alongside business accelerator, Starve Ups, is the way we get to support local, newly formed businesses with really big ideas.

One new friend we’ve made recently is the folks at Hazel People. They produce a plant-based milk made from Oregon Hazelnuts, a very nutritious and delicious nut. To prepare them for events and other in-person opportunities to pour some nutmilk, Able Sage created a table runner that will work nicely on a variety of table sizes and it’s bright to draw attention to their table. Learn more about Hazel People and stay up to date on when you can find their delicious nutmilk in a store near you!

Another newly formed relationship is with Cocacao, a high end chocolate company using simple ingredients, no added sugar, and they are vegan, gluten free, and paleo friendly. Yum! At their commercial kitchen space they needed to retrofit an existing backlit sign to accommodate their sign alongside an existing tenant. We worked hard to find the right combination of materials so the sign looks excellent in both the daytime and at night when it’s backlit. Learn more about Cocacao, including where you can find some treats near you!

We’ll share more in the future about some of the companies we work with through Starve Ups. It’s always a pleasure to come alongside these new businesses.

If you missed our recent post about StarveUps, check it out!

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