Service Highlight: Maintaining Brand Integrity

Sage Journal   •   May 14, 2019

When we work with a client, one of the most important commitments we make is to their brand. Every element we brainstorm, produce, and install will be a representation of their company and the promise they make to their customers, so we take pride in ensuring brand consistency across any and all projects we take on for a client.

Over the years we’d done quite a few projects for Delta Services Construction including producing stickers and banners, and branding their trucks and trailers. As we’ve worked to imagine their brand into different mediums, we’ve had to make adjustments to the logo and design elements, always with the integrity of their brand in mind.

This time, apparel was the project and once again, through working closely with them, we’ve come up with on-brand hats, hoodies, and shirts for their team to sport on job sites. These photos show the mockups of the design iterations we’ve explored through this process.

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