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Sage Journal   •   July 9, 2019

As a Veteran Owned Business this recent project was both an honour to produce and an example that even with a short timeline amazing results are attainable.

We were approached by an employee of one of our clients for a deeply personal and intricate project at the suggestion of their marketing department. Her husband’s recently deceased Grandfather had been a helicopter pilot in the Army. The family wanted to honor him and keep his memory close. She had a design idea to place a plaque in the pavilion they often gather in to spend time barbecuing and enjoying family.

Due to the short timeline – they needed to have it ready for the dedication and memorial – a traditional metal/aluminum plaque wouldn’t be possible. But we were able to come up with an elegant solution that would meet their timing needs and stand the test of time. With her idea and direction we custom made a digitally printed aluminum composite design that was finished with a UV coat to protect it from fading for years to come. One of the design elements we incorporated was a picture of a barbecue grill, since his grandfather loved life, family, and barbecuing.

In all of the communication that we made during the design and proofing stages we discovered that her husband, who is also an Army Vet and works for the VA office in Multnomah County, had actually helped Dallas in getting a copy of his DD214 which is a proof of military service. What a small world!

In the end, they were pleased with the outcome and we were honored to have been a part of helping a military family dedicate a family space to their Grandfather’s memory and love.

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