Sitka Technology Group: A Fresh Face Forward

Sage Journal   •   November 5, 2019

We’ve been working with Sitka Technology Group for a while so when they approached us about a recent tradeshow in Reno they were planning for we jumped at the chance to get creative to meet their dreams.

They wanted to replace and older clunky back drop for a sleek new option. We knew just what to recommend. We showed them a couple different fabric dye sublimated back wall and hardware options that would be seamless and fit perfectly at the back of their booth that was 10 feet wide.  They were very excited about an aluminum tube version that was curved and could have double-sided graphics enabling them to use it at different shows when promoting different products and services. They had also been looking for some sort of cocktail bar type table for use in the booth – we knew just the thing. The back drop comes packed in a hard round case – that can double as a table – and we offer a graphic cover to extend precious branding space. In addition we provided lighting for the top of the booth for instances where they want to highlight their message or supplement venue lighting.

Meanwhile, they had been at another tradeshow and had seen some universal charging cords and were interested in getting some of their own branded with their logo. We found something that fit their needs exactly. With their standard logo and a limited space for engraving on the charging cord we had to get creative with layout by stacking their logo. This product is great because of its ability to work with a variety of smart phones, iPads, etc. While we don’t normally talk about changing a client’s branding in this case it actually worked and they liked the idea, especially on a small branding effort, they were able to increase the size, maintain brand integrity and have things pop.

All in all the tradeshow was a success!

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