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Sage Journal   •   July 2, 2019

When we get the opportunity to work with a company on a custom fabricated design the possibilities are endless!

One of our long term partners, Reach Now (formerly Moovel), needed a creative display option for the launch of a new app at SXSW. They came to us with a design for a human-sized smartphone that would be capable of showing off the new app and how it functions while at the tradeshow. The final dimensions were: 31.25″ wide x 61.25″ high x 3.75″ deep, plus the base 37″ wide x 71″ high x 41.25″ deep.

We handled the fabrication working with our team of skilled crafters. In the metal fab shop we utilized previously engineered, client provided drawings as our starting point for this gigantic phone and display. One of the modifications we had to make was to accommodate the 46 inch flatscreen display they had chosen. The build was produced with rolled and sheet aluminium – to keep its weight down. Various methods, such as laser cutting, bending, welding, and grinding, were used to develop the finished pieces and a powder coat finish was applied to give it its final look. The completed ‘phone’ had perforations so the monitor could vent heat during use and had an access panel in back that connected into the base, which in turn had a plug running out of the base to connect with an extension cord on site. By the time we were finished we were excited to see how well all the various features came together for the SXSW presentation.

As a part of our collaborative problem-solving we also developed a custom reusable storage and shipping case. It was built with durability in mind utilizing Cam locks/latches on both ends for easier access/unloading. To get this somewhat lightweight human sized smartphone and base safely to the Austin tradeshow location they needed to have it shipped close by to a location with a dock, due to some challenges getting it to the actual space for the show. We scrambled between the client, the shipper, the driver, and the end receiving location, so it would arrive without a hitch.  The client received it on time, was able to unload, and get the custom smartphone display and base to the show. It was met with resounding success! And has been used at multiple locations, events, and shows since its original production.

This is just one of the many ways we work for you – bringing your vision to life and getting it wherever you need it to go!

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